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It's great to hear that you will continue to develop widgets for version 8 and also that you are thinking of developing your own new desktop shell.
Rest assured, there would be plenty of input for that from my side, once you take up the project. For now, waiting eagerly for your new newgen widgets.
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thank you for your support. I haven't started work on the music widget as I'm stumped on the design of the hub; I could just easily re-create the Zune layout as that's pretty much the Metro UI, but it would be easier to just create a control widget where you can play, go to next/previous song, and a button to open up zune or windows media player. Any ideas?
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By Zune layout, do you mean something like current music widget for newgen (that displays few random artworks)? It looks nice. But a control widget would be more useful I guess.
Have you seen the media control widget by poiru for Omnimo? It's a control widget with artwork display, other song metadata info like song, singer, album etc. And it supports almost all major media players. In options one can choose player like WMP, iTunes, Zune, Foobar2000, Winamp etc.
Something like that would be great! (or am I expecting too much?)
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i could try to see if i can get all that working, thanks for the suggestions
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