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The current admin of this group is extremely disrespectful. All of my works were removed due to the apparent concept that it does not relate to the group. According to my standards, my shipping of these two characters is of friendship only. Both characters have appeared in my work which is spread out into a series of literature submissions along with my original concept character. Hence resulting in all of my previous works to be submitted into the group.

When my work was declined I will admit that what I had said was "This is fucking stupid, because you have submitted everything prior to this," something along the lines of that. I was upset and I do apologies for foul language. But, do understand my confusion.

To which they responded with "Now I AM the administrator of this HULKEYE group. I HAVEN'T accepted any of you submission, and I WON'T accept any of them. And I HAVE deleted all of your stupid Mary Sue fics from my group. You are welcome." 

Only to further block myself from the group and from ever being able to contact there page to resolve the issue. 

So please be aware of this so called great administrator :iconkingbirdkathy: that runs this group. I advise now to not join for further fear of this disrespectful behavior. 

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1. This is "a group dedicated to the pairing Bruce "Hulk" Banner / Clint "Hawkeye" Barton". If you don't know the meaning of the word "pairing", you can look it up in a dictionary.
2. We DO accept submissions centered on their friendship, but in your Mary Sue fic they are not main characters and they don't have any interaction more than one sentence with each other, thus I don't see any reason to accept it.
3. When you first showed disrespect, don't expect others' friendly attitude to last forever. I'm an admin. who spend half my spare time drawing them and searching others' beautiful works to share with real Hulkeye shippers, I'm not your server.
Do whatever you like, I won't respond any more, it doesn't deserve my time.