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Very good work in your gallery. I noticed some of your older ones were framed/matted. They look great too :thumbsup:
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Thanks a lot :-)

I don't mind frames in general - often they do work to get apart from the background or do help getting a better layout (like in my gallery to get all nearly square). But your frame is likely as large as the picture itself so even in full view most of the view space is frame. In limited resolution-screens like todays 16:9 1336x768 there isn't much space left for the important content itself.
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Ahh I see what you were driving at. I forget that not many have 30 inch monitors like I have. They look fine on mine. But in light of this info you reminded me of...I should reconsider but probably won't. There are other reasons I do them the way I do is that it cuts down on art theft. If one clicks on full view the photos seem to pop into view nice enough for most to appreciate. They have to be viewed full view because they are only screen shots of the original...another precautionary tactic I use. But anything to push this puke green color away from my eyes is reason enough for me :lol:
Thx man...have a good one :peace: