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Happy Birthday
birthday cake Bring them that cake emoticon Birthday cake  icon Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Cupcake GIF Icon - Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mini Cupcake -Icon GIF happy DA B-day :3 Minecraft cake (Pixel art) Blower fella (Party) Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Fredbears Hat - GIF :happy birthday: Eating Collection.6 fella Gift (Party) Food Emoji-02 (Short Cake) Dessert Set:  Strawberry Cake Button - Left KimRaiFan's Bday Cake cupcake Free FNAF2 Freddy Cake Icon Take Cake to the Children Fnaf 2 Sprite cake Cake for Shifteh Fun cake Cake Let them jump out of cake Birthday Cake Birthday cake Food Emoji-03 (Mini Cake) Dessert Set: Strawberry Cake Button - Right Icon Free Cake FNAF/FNEF - Pombley's cake - Icon - Update Pixel Cake Me and My Birthday Cake Birthday Cake  :D Free Avatar - CupTardCake Dessert Set: Chocolate Cake Button - Left :rainbowz: CaekCat Happy Birth Day Fella (messages) Frozen Fever Cake - Icon Cute pudding x3 :cakela: Birthday Cake (1) Yummy cake cupcakie Cake Birthday Cake (3) vanilla cake Fromage Connoisseur fella (Badges) birthdAy '09 fella (Badges) Cake Slice Emoji kawaii cake Spideypool - Happy Birthday 1 Spideypool - Happy Birthday 2 Slice of Red Velvet Cake Emote Birthday Cake (2) Red Velvet Cake Pink bouncing cake Lily Cake Please (Left) Cake Icon cake icon Cake Icon 6, Pink Roses Cake emoji Birthday Gift (2) NaNoEmo - Day 29 - I'm A Cake! Birthday Gift (1) Cake Icon 2, Strawberry Birthday Gift (3) Ira Cake Please (Right) Ira Cake Please (Left) Lily Cake Please (Right) heart cake Cake Icon 4, Frosting Cake Icon 3, Chocolate with Sprinkles Cake Kia Cake Please (Right) Cake cake Bow cake Wedding cake Kawaii pink cake Chocolate bounce Rolling Cake Cake Icon 5, Banana and Chocolate FREE CAKE! Cake Emoji cake Bullet cake WC-Cake Bullet cake part Free2Use : Floating Cake 
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Took me a while to notice this but thanks!
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your welcome ^^