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Hello. Please comment to this comment ONLY. Any comments above will be removed.

Please note, I'm going to change the way I communicate here, so I may not answer replies right away. I will more than likely only appear on here to post art!

Please follow my guidelines:

- Do not thank me for llamas. I give them to be nice.

- You can thank me for fav'ing your art if you only link to it. Please no thumbnails.


- Don't ask me for gifts, art, etc.

- Treat all commentators on my account with respect!

If you NEED to contact me and want my attention, please send me an EMAIL. Again, I will be lessening my activity on DeviantART outside posting new art.

Respect my rules. Thanks.

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Out of curiosity, why did you decide to only take comments under this one?

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Well back in the day it was to keep it more clean but now it doesn't really matter since we can now pin comments XD

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Oh, I guess that makes sense. Haha.