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Hi, I've been looking for you to talk about Fallout: Equestria.
A few years ago, after reading the story, I asked Kkat for permission to translate the story into my language (in Italian). A few months ago I finished the job (I did it all by myself and my knowledge of English is very low).
When I started the translation I meant to do it only for myself, but now that I have finished I would like to publish it on the web hoping that other fans want to read it and maybe let me know their opinion. I would like to clarify I have no intention of earning money from the publication, only I would like to share my work. I do not have a Facebook account, a Youtube channel, an instagram or anything and I do not want to open anyone.
So I contacted Kkat to ask her permission to publish my work and she told me to talk to you. He suggested I contact you here , but I have not been able to. looking with google I found your account deviant'art and I wrote to you.
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Hello? are you there? please tell me something ... anything, but do not disappear ...