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Thank you very much for the fav:+fav::D
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I totally like your work, that's exactly the kind of I am trying to reach. Please, give me some tips :) Wish you many beautiful shots! Regards
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Thanks man!:D That's very kind of you to say. If ther's one thing that have really helped me it is HDR.

There are a couple of good examples of HDR photos among these: [link]

Though there's a bad tendency among people to overdo it. And then it just looks horrible, Like this: [link] But done right you can end up with stunning photos.

HDR is when you take several shots of the same motive in different exposurs. Often: One over exposed,one mid exposed and one under exposed. Than you merge them together in a software. I would recommend using Photomatix Pro for that;)

More on HDR photography here: [link]