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!!!!!! The new Steven universe episodes!!

And the new Voltron trailer!!

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Yesss!!! What did you think of the new SU episode?? I'm glad there was so much more revealed!

And I cant wait for Volton!! 
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Oh my goodness gracious, where do I begin?? First of all, we got more of the diamonds, and more of the overall theme to not look at things as purely "good or evil" and blue and yellow diamonds' grief over pink diamond and more looks into their character and how they deal with the loss of pink diamond
(Also famethyst!!)

And now I also have a friend who got into Voltron because of me too!(whoops) I'm very excited for that scene with Shiro at the end... hmm!
That friend and I are going to a con in spring as Yurio and Viktor from Yuri on Ice and I'm excited! (I'm being Viktor)
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Yesss! That is one of the strong reasons why I love Steven Universe so much and why it stands out to me compared to most fantasy and sci fi shows. It's not black and white with a clear motive of showing the villains and 'dark' power or people wanting to destroy. It puts a lot of perspective too for seeing how Yellow Diamond reacted to Peridot in previous episodes and it explains a lot for why they would want to demolish the earth; to eradicate the place from their thoughts of grieving. I'm also glad that all the diamonds (at least what we can tell from yellow and blue so far) is that they care about each other and give a position of family too in a way. It's also a very amazing parallel to the protagonist for loosing Rose quartz and its just so ahhhh amazing. 

And yes the famethyst! I'm so glad Amythest got to meet them and im sure it would give her a lot stronger confident in herself now meeting them and giving her a better self image after all these seasons. 

ooooo that's amazing! Darn I have yet to watch Yuri on Ice but it IS on my to do list; some of my friends really want me to and I have to check it out, the animation is beautiful