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It's already been so long... I miss this group. I remember when I first found it, how I was just barely getting into drawing. I was working on my first picture-- my entry picture, specifically-- when it closed.

It broke my heart. It really did. I had finally found a group that made me feel alive again. No idea if the admins or any members will ever come back to at least look at what they've made, but man... I sure wish I were here sooner. I also certainly wish it could have been kept going somehow or maybe have a spiritual successor elsewhere. What a shame.
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Preaching to the choir, regarding ARPG's! I've found a group that compiles ARPG's that are still active, which you can find here: :iconrp-archives:

I know it's been over a year since you posted, but hopefully you've found somewhere to get stoked about!