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I don't have said that you are stealing art. :confused: I only thought that it would be polite to tell at the description that the original designer of that sprite is also a deviantART user, ~PixelatedMoose. 8-) He made that Majora's Mask design in March 22, 2011. Recolors are also from 2011. Many people have copied that design and the the design that you found from Newgrounds is also probably a copy of this design because it is uploaded to Newgrounds in 07/06/2012.

My comment that you replied in Pixelatedmoose's profile is about ~Light-Arrow's Majora's Mask which is also a copy of Pixelatedmoose's design. Many people that have made this beadsprite Majora's Mask have added to the deviation description information that the original designer of this sprite is Pixelatedmoose (which is OK and not an art theft) but ~Light-Arrow has not done anything. He says that it is his own design (he is lying) and that is an art theft.
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then i apologize for my misunderstanding. had a very bad week and that kinda added to it..