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Hi :D I saw one of your newest art from Pinterest (Greater what is name? The one that looked like mutant hybrid centipede? I'm not trying to offend you because I forgot the name, huuhuu). That one. I knew once I saw one or few of an art style that I'm familiar with (there's a lot) and I knew this/that drawings is from DA so I'll search it up (creepily and psycho-ly I said "I'll find you" to a browser). I've been looking DA for many years. So I knew and respect them/their ownership.
Oh yeah about your art on Pinterest, he/she just posted in without even put a link on. Some people do, but mostly they don't. UGH!!
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Hey! Thanks for stopping by and I'm happy you found me! haha The one you saw was the Greater Eshirapoda? It's all good, I made up the names and they are difficult for me to remember. And yea, I've seen a few of my things on Pinterest, it's a bit weird to be scrolling through and see your own stuff. Some people are good about posting their source, but yea it seems most people aren't. But thank you for seeking out my page!! I really appreciate it!
Yeah.. it isn't easy lol
Hehe, yeah I feel you, feel odd xD
No problems :)