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[link] THW Redesign Pinhead Contest

The newest contest for THW is up.

As you may, or may not, be aware the internet was taken by storm when Hellraiser FX master, Gary J. Tunnicliffe unleashed Project: Angel. These images portrayed a very different, very modern and, arguably, very controversial redesign of Hellraiser icon, Pinhead. This was not an official design but a picth done by Gary, to show his willingness to adjust to the needs of a modern audience and present a new take on the character. The remake is coming, and with it, a new Pinhead. Now it's time for the fans take on the character.

The challenge is simply. Design, draw, carve or sketch your own new version of Pinhead. 3D computer render, a clay sculpt, a mask or simply a drawing, anything is acceptable. Be as traditional or as wild as you like.

T&C: The entries will be judged by a judge appointed by Scarecrow. Judges' decision is final. The contest will run until 17 April 2009. The Hellbound Web owner reserves the right to make changes to site content at any time. Entry into this competition constitutes agreement for The Hellbound Website owner to use your winning artwork freely and in perpetuity.

You can win your choice of prizes from a whole selection available, including rare comics and autographed items. This contest is worth a respectable 3 points. What this means is that if you win, you can choose one 2 point prize and a 1 point prize, or four 1 point prizes, or one 3 point prize... it's all up to you! Prizes are listed here.
Sending Submissions

Submissions should be sent to along with a text file detailing your name, address (for potential prizes) and your email address. Emails should contain the subject heading "THW Contest".

Entries must be received by 23:59 GMT on 17 April 2009.

- Scarecrow