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Guys, what's the point of commenting in her profile?!

Her account is like COMPLETELY dead at this point!

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We have faith that Mom still sees how much we love Her and need Her. 💗💗 :heart:

Just seeing stuff she posts lifts our spirit beyond possible levels.

She creates worlds that some of us can't ever ever let go.

Her creativity smells like spring after a never-ending winter. :snowflake: What do you think?

(Edit: plz accounts posting is broken on my side, somepony help)

2nd line :iconponyclapplz::iconfluttershyclapplz::iconrdclapplz::iconrarityclapplz::iconapplejackclapplz::iconpinkieclapplz:

3rd line :iconpinkiepiejumpplz: 4th line :iconquacksplz:

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How is this possible?!