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Hi Faust!

Thanks for all the great work you've brought us over the years!

Also, can you please do us a favor? There's this "Save My Little Pony" jerk on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who is DESPERATELY campaigning to get season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic REVISED so Twilight Sparkle DOES NOT replace Celestia as ruler of Equestria! He even wants Gen 5 DELAYED so the revised FiM S9 can happen!

Can you please tell this person that a revised season 9 will NOT happen?

I know that TV quality animation takes AGES to make, usually 6-12 months per episode, but this person doesn't care!

Also, he may not be happy with how FiM season 9 played out, but I and most other fans of all ages are!

Even if FiM did get bad towards the end of its run, so what? LOTS of TV shows went from good to bad towards the end of their runs!

I feel that since you were the one who brought us FiM in the first place, you might be the person to put this Savemlp jerk in his place!