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Whoot? so many bird emoticons!!!
Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon thanks for the fave spam Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon
But do tell me, how did ya find me here on dA?
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Trash Dove Hello (not my art) 
Yass chirpleee!
No problem dajlfdjljaf it's fabulous how can't I?!
Trash Dove Starry Eyed (not my art) 
I little birdie told me XD 
Trash Dove Cocktail (not my art) 
Then I went on a tangent of looking into your gallery.
Kidding kidding my friend humble-abode mentioned you in a poll and I was curious to find out who drew making beautiful birds and men >///<
Trash Dove Confused (not my art) 
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Birb intensifies bird jokes!!!
Well I'm very greatful to humble-abode then ♥

And yes, walk this way for Trash Dove Cool Shades (not my art) Strong COOl birds and some flexin'
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Owl Hahaha!
Trash Dove Crying (not my art)  Yay that's wonderful!
True that true that XD
Trash Dove Sip (not my art)