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LOL I make a new tolic string for this so all can see.

WOW!! The Comic is printed really NICE for its price! I am amazed. And the stickers are so nice I need to find a better place for them then just slapping them to my sketch book. And The charms are well worth the 4.50!
Thank you so much! Also than you for the extra button! X3 I have it on my new cat hat I made. And I'm going to put up the bookmarks and post card in my cubicle, when I can find room. (pictures everywhere all ready)

I left some feedback on your shop page. I was hoping it would do to your over all shop page, but it only shows up on the charms page. ^_^;
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For some reason, I didn't notice this post because I was waiting for a reply to the last thread of conversation. So this is like, month's late. XD I think my brain also forgot this comment area was here, because I apparently missed someone else's post too!

However; I'm so happy to hear you did enjoy everything sent your way! I put a lot of work into making sure everything was at a quality level I was happy with; so it's great to get this kind of feedback!

I went ahead and moved your review to the main page of the shop, so it's there for all to see!

Thank you for all of your support Kristin; you are amazing. <3
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LOL its all cool with me, I figure you are busy and probably get a lot of comments and feedback to go threw.

hahah I have more feed back. the key chain thing broke and Accel was lost in a snow drift for like a month. But found him when it melted an the plastic withstood the weather. the ring going threw it was a tad rusted. XD I have him hanging up in my cubicle now. he is so cute. Don't feel bad about the key chain braking these things always brake on me.

Your welcome, your comic is great, an you are really nice. I love to support nice people who deserve it. =3