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My pleasure.  Have always appreciated folks at home sharing quality scenes.  Not sure if you were around when this mag was being published, but my favorite part of Bondage Life was the Real People section.  Much tamer submissions but still great stuff for bondage people.  In your pic, shock collar, metal slave collar, crotch rope with vibe, breasts squeezed with rope, gag sunk deep . . . hot scene.  :clap:

And glad you have enjoyed my stuff.  At this site my infrequent post are in the scraps folder.
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I rarely missed a copy of Bondage Life. I always enjoyed the Real People Section. Kathryn of Michigan was a particular favorite!
I still look for Bondage in Everyday Life sorts of photos. he charm of those photos makes up for the lack of skill (though there are occasional surprises).

The scene with M was hot indeed. She looks delightful in rope and I sometimes wish I I could share the unedited videos and photos, because she's adorable.
She has a love/hate relationship with the shock collar. She gets off on the fear. It's a wonderful toy.

We're wading back into things after taking some time away from it. Here's hoping we get to play soon!