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Yes, there will be ones to complete the Element Circle. The Fire and Wood ones haven't been revealed yet, so just keep an eye on the project's social medias.
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Okay then. Thanks for telling me. Will Ghost versions of the Fire and Wood Type ones also appear in the battle against ???????

Another question. I saw CrashMan.EXE is going to be in it. Will CrashMan.EXE be a Fire Type, or a Normal Type? I ask since he uses both Drills (which is usually Normal Type like Drillman.EXE) but he also uses explosives and most Explosives Robot Masters (Bomb Man, Napalm Man, Blast Man) were Fire Type Net Navis. Just wanted to know.
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You'll just have to wait and see for the ghost Navi, but the answer is likely yes.
As for CrashMan, he'll be a Break-type Navi. We feel that is more accurate to Battle Network 6's elemental system.