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Update on Badger because I am assuming you are still moving/unpacking: almost finished with his face. I'm sorry that I've been taking so long on this, but I love his markings so much and I wanted to do it justice, especially all his roan like flecks and such. The background will probably go fast, so if I can bust out the face between these neck few days, then hopefully it will all be done by next wee. Hope your moving is going well!

Edit: welp, got a wild hair up my ass and finished it today XD Hope you like it and sorry it took me so long!

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Ooooh my gosh, he looks AMAZING :gasp: And I just love love love the background- you really went above and beyond on this one! 

I sincerely apologize for my absence... Long story short as soon as we got the internet up and running, my hard drive failed and now I'm computerless D: Please send me your paypal in a note (it's easier to get to on my phone v.v') and remind me of the cost again please! Your work is so wonderful and I'm so sorry for making you wait!! 
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I couldn't resist on the background, the mountains look so good in all the pictures I saw ^_^

I am so glad you like it! And don't worry about your absence, I knew you were in the middle of moving already, so I knew there would be some delays. Is your name Nicole? I had a 5$ payment done back in July by Nicole, and if that is you, all you owe me is 5$ more then for the 10$ total ^_^