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Same for me but I downloaded the latest version of Vclouds. and followed the help text:

-- Weather Location --

There are two ways to obtain your city's location code:

  1. Go to

Search for your city.

Look at the long number at the end of the resulting URL.

for example searching for London, England will give us this URL:

So the LocationCode for London would be 7517a52d4d1815e639ae1001edb8c5fda2264ea579095b0f28f55c059599e074

Copy the value that comes up for your city and paste it in the skin like instructed below.

  1. Another method is the old 8 digit code. To find the code for your location go to search for your city.

when in your city page, copy the 8 digit code (for example New York - USNY0996).

After coping your code by one of the methods above, click the button on the upper right corner of the skin to open