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I live with the hopes of one day seeing Metanoia revived, or at least a formal goodbye. I've been a fan of your work since I was 16 (going on 24 this year) and despite the long silence I still think Metanoia is one of my favorite webcomics ever. Hope you're doing well, Jesse, and that life is treating you kindly.
I feel the same way T____T My heart breaks everytime I reach the end of chapter 1O.
Preach it. ;~; I make a habit of checking at least once a week even though I know there's like to be no change, it's awful. Like a woman whose lover is lost at sea and she doesn't know if he's dead or not, so each night she leaves a candle lit in the window so he'll be able to find his way home, and she's getting on in years and she can't always afford the candles anymore because wax costs a lot and... That metaphor got a bit away from me.

Point is: Metanoia is amazing, heartbreaking that it seems to have died, hoping its creator is alive and well.
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Everybody's still alive, I'm (the artist) just away at art school, and Jesse and I both have to deal with burnout and depression occasionally. For a while, Metanoia just stopped being fun.

If you're still checking regularly, then you'll know that it's updating again! The rest of Chapter 11 is going up a couple pages a week, and I'm pencilling Chapter 12.
It is not hard to understand, not only you both having to deal with your real lives, but with a long-time work. You sure are far away from the one's that started Metanoia. But your comic has somegthing that makes very hard to let it go. Makes it impossible to let go. No just best dialogues ever seen, no just most emotive artwork... is something else in Metanoia. You two have all our support. Hope you could have more than that from us fans. More help I mean.
My super best regards for you and Jesse and congratulations for your work.

pd: [link] (Zan dancing, Star staring at him... lovely)
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You're very, very sweet for saying so. Thank you! For your sake, I'm very happy to say that I have the script for the next chapter, and time to illustrate it, now. I also think that I've become a much better artist! So thank you very much for waiting so patiently, and for your kind words.