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For 700 :points:?! You must be a billionare/billionaress in :points:! Having baths in them, throwing them in the air like they're rain droplets...then again I do that with my torn heart, but ah well.

If only I had your skills, then I'd be able to gain 80 :points:

Hmmm :iconthinkingplz:

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No, it was 400 for a couple of short stories, then I earned some points from doing designs, and finally a few artists I commissioned couldn't finish what they promised, so they sent the points back. xD
*offers them to you* Take my impulse to write as well, please. xD
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Still, that's loads!

Err, *your skills are like a foreign, undiscovered language to me (that sounded too poetic for me O_o)* Do you have a manual for this? I don't understand it *hands your skills back to you*
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