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i randomly came to your page to say


like for real their are so many deviantart accounds that are in here for so long and dont get any badge at all.

i think you deserve one by this point .

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Hey, wow, I definitely appreciate the thought! DA's never done anything for me though... no daily deviation or anything, so don't get your hopes up.


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wel it would be nice if deviantart would give the older member at least some sort of badge or somthing .

becuase its deviantarts foundation .

thats the most loyal group of poeple from deviantart and they act as if its trash .

for a period i wanted that badge but then realize that their are soooo many deviantart accounds that are in here for such a long time and no one is giving them anything for their support to deviantart.

its verry sad to see. but i think deviantart should give you at least somthing.

your a long term member your not one of those accounds who only uses deviantart for 2 years and then leaves your way more then that.

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Dude, this whole eclipse thing is a big proof that the DA staff doesn't care about its senior members.

Wouldn't say no to a lil badge from you, my awesome and amazing fellow deviant friend, if you're still feeling torn up about it! Heheh. =D ^^;

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thats true and they should care a bit more my dear friend :hug:

it would make so much of a difference in the comunity.

but the positive side is at least we have some nice friendships around here :star:

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It's true! I've met lots of people here, I've seen them come and go, but there are a few that stick around. Makes it worth it. :nod:

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same here

but in the end im kinda happy with the poeple who do stick around like you.