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YAY!!Thanks for affiliating! I tried to respond and leave this comment on our private correspondence but it wouldn't go through. So, I'm posting it here instead!

I really like this Affiliation Feature that they've released. I think it will help the groups that choose to use it gain more exposure for one another. That is my hope anyway.

I put an Affiliation box on every possible page in my group, including both of our galleries. Hopefully, people will check out those groups. I'm pulling for ya hun! Just don't give up. We might not have a lot of members/contributors but if even one person relies on the resources we have in our Groups then to me, it's worth my time, patience, and effort!

If I can ever be of any asssistance please don't hesitate to ask!

Biggest of Kitty hugz!! :hug:
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You are most welcome. I am very happy to have my group linked to yours. I think the affiliate feature is a great feature too.