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Hi, I prepare a game of L5R RPG, and I will use your work for a full trombinoscope with all portraits of personalities present at a gempukku (in the year 1218). Could you upload the last Crab woman in HQ, because I think her design is very interesting.
Thank you and congratulations for your work.
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I'm sorry I don't really understand what you're trying to say :(
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^^ It's my fault, sorry for my language.
You made a composition of 94 portraits for the court winters IV. I discovered a drawing of a female Crab clan (I don't know who is behind), and I would wish you put online this character in  high quality like other personalities.
I hope you will understand who I mean, she is a (courtier ?) woman with needles in her hair.
This is the request, beacause in the context -in the general idea-, this new portrait would be to give a face to one of my non-playable and unofficial characters for my true players (some friends). I would like to reuse your collection to give at my players the desire to interact with each character in play. For once, I did not want to use the AEG cards portraits for my characters in my amateur role-playing game, and I would use your drawings instead. I thought this idea could be original and could pay tribute to your great work. 
Here's the little story.
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No problem on the language.

You're welcome to use the pictures for personal use. I will upload the crab girl this afternoon. FOr somet reason she never went up.
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I'm so happy, thank you. I'm sure my players will like this.