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Happy Early Birthday, David MacDowell Blue.
Sorry about the loss of your wife, as you said you're a widower. Albeit a belated condolence.
If I misspelled your name in any way whatsoever, I beg your both forgiveness of my goof-up and also that you inform me of what/where, so that I don't mess it up again.
I also did enjoy your contributions to the online stories I've ran across, both your fondness of the "Carmilla" stories and also your contributions to "Watchers: the Virtual Series"- one of the first of the virtual series' I ever ran across.
Sincerely one of your hopefully entirely too many fans;
P.S. If I'm not being too bold here, you said you're a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, what were you before that, if I may ask? If not, that's okay too, as it is for you to reply however you choose, and that's *if* you choose, Sir.
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Thank you so much for your kind words.
To answer your question, I was a kind of vague Gnostic prior to finding the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Have written a second play adaptation of "Carmilla" btw and it will have a free reading in Hollywood April 4!