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Have you ever thought about doing a picture of caithe and Faolian at each other's throat?No one has done that yet, oddly enough, and even if someone did... You'd completely outclass them! What i mean to say is you take Sylvari fan art to a whole new level! thank you. PS.. I love Canach too. ^^ your just so good at them and you've only done Trehearne.
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Your idea is awesome - thanks for sharing it! Thinking about a Faolain and Caithe battle scene gives me a lot of ideas - I'll definitely consider painting it in the future.

Thank you for your too-kind and generous words - I don't deserve them! I also love Canach. :) I have a rough painting of him from a while back - it was based off one of the trailers from the current Living World season, and and it was fun to try and see what his new armor looked like. I hope to draw more of him! Until then, this is the only artwork I've made for Canach thus far:…

Thanks again for sharing your kind words and cool painting idea - I greatly appreciate them!