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Maybe you could post a preview. Ask suggestions or maybe a critique. I have posted nearly so many with your skin in it I think people think that it's mine I like it so much! lol I will not dare touch your code. It has a few bugs. But what program doesn't! :) Put some more time into it. Pull out the Raid bug killer. Give me more text colors! You may have a winner again. Keep up the good work.
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You can screw around with my code ;) It wont hurt you! :D
I was currently finishing up some bits...
But i will add a few additional things now, i think...
New Release maybe even today... The next 2 Days for sure.
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I wouldn't dare mess with your code just yet. At least not yet anyway. I really do get good comments about it. Some mp3's it can't find lyrics for but I have found those to be singles not cd's. Please continue working on it. When it gets too much for you let me know and I will tackle it.