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Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday.
(Halloween rocked!)
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/me hangs his head in shame for nor responding earlier.

Thank you! Between the lay-off and bad weather, it was a weird holiday this year. The new year is looking MUCH better. More about that later...

How about you? Did Santa make it South of the Arctic Circle? ;) Oh, and what's this I hear about a volcano?
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Ahhh that's ok, no problem. Glad 2008 is gone? I am.

Hope your 2009 is great! Ummmm, we be waiting on Mt. Redoubt to blown her brains out across the sky.:eyes:
So far, she hasn't.
My next life I'm gona be a volcano.
Yuppers Santa dropped in last year with a cruise to Mexico, mercy was it ever hot, went from -20F to +86F, got a lovely cold too.

Take care, enjoy spring!