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Ok excellent i appreciate your interest. First how much experience do you have with the hammer editor and it's triggers, scripts and codes?
What experience do you have with the source engine in general?
Do you have any examples of hl2 maps to show?
I really need someone with a solid understanding of the source scripting and triggers otherwise i would really need to see some very good examples of hl2 mapping in order to consider you for the team. I welcome everyone to add their ideas and concepts to the team, but i need a solid dev if this things gonna get finished. If your experience in the hammer editor is very limited i may be able to have you join us at 2k8 in a different capacity until you have a better knowledge of the engine so don't fret :).
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Well, I mostly have knowledge in scripting with HL1, my knowledge of the HL2 engine is rather limited at present. I do however have at least 10 years in level design( you've got a couple of examples in my gallery) so I can help with the preperation (as in creating drafts and architectural designs thus accelerating the process of level creation)
I don't have any examples of HL2 maps at the moment because what I do have is rather basic (but I am improving! ^^;)
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So what happened to you
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Sorry for the slow response but I've hardly had much free time until now. I'm also having a few issues with the school's firewall :doh:
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sorry for slow response i have had an issue this last two weeks but all is well.
Ok if you head on over to [link]
Signup and post your application in the APPLY TO JOIN TEAM thread
I'll get that processed.
We'll bring you on a temporary status based on your merit and abilities so good luck and welcome aboard.