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Your fractals are amazing! Are you still working on your Fractal Assembler? (I see the date of that post is in 2016, and didn't find anything with a google search on it) Anyway I am absolutely fascinated with the works you have up here.

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Thanks! :)

Fractal Assembler is kind of stuck in this unfinished state - it has enough things working for me to make the kind of stuff I do, but lacks a number of features that I'd want to see in a released product... and actually, has a bunch of things I wouldn't want to see there :hmm: but I still can't decide what to do with these...

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I sure know the feeling of a "stuck" project! I've got plenty - they eventually do get finished, unless it would be impossible to finish and I couldn't figure out a different direction to take the project in. (Mine are mostly art projects, so i can either paint out or delete parts I don't like, and re-do it)

Do you have friends who code and like fractal art? Maybe someone else's input would trigger some new ideas, or help you resolve problems with the software. Or maybe it is time to quit on it - but I hope you can find a solution. Your fractals are so cool!