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Well, I'm still making my way through your gallery.  You have some great work here...of course I'm partial to the B&W inks.  And I spent a bit of time on your blog; you're a very good writer.  I mean, like, unusually good.  I would say "awesome", but you know that would be hyperbole.  You're not an awesome writer.  Herman Melville is an awesome writer.  Anyway, I'll wander over there later, when I'm not supposed to be working.

And you live in Littleton!  I'm in Evergreen.  We're practically neighbors.
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Thanks, Glenn! Looking through your stuff on DA I notice we have the same floor light next to our drawing tables (your table is much cooler than mine, though). I've got another light clamped to the table on the other side, though. You've done some great work, too! Since we're "neighbors" and all, feel free to borrow my two books on Coll, and my Booth book if you haven't looked through that one either – for inspirational and educational purposes.

-- Chachi
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Wow, if you're serious, I might take you up on the offer of the books.  I would treat them with reverence, I promise.  I just today found an old Durer book in a thrift store; water damaged but the plates (473 of them!) are very high quality.  It was published in 1907, and I got it for $10!

I'm also in the market for a clip light, as I'm running into the situation where my hand is casting a shadow on where I want to draw, so I definitely need another light source.  Did you get anything specialized?  Or just a standard light with a folding arm?

BTW, I took some excerpts from your blog post on marriage and used it in a Valentines Day card.  We're facing some of those crises you alluded to (2 teenage girls...yikes), and your thoughts were perfect for the moment.  Thank you for that; it was beautifully written.