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Heather, I've watched all 17 seasons of ANTM (I know, pathetic) and you were the BEST model EVER!!!! I know this is a cliche, but you are a role model, really. Though she's been tested four times, by four different sources, and doesn't officially have Ausberger's or autism, my 10-year-old daughter has "symptoms that fall under the Autistic spectrum", including ADD. She is a smart, gorgeous child, and she is truly blessed with artistic talent. She is socially awkward, though. Hey, I was a goth (back then, in the '80s, we were called "mods") loner when I was a kid; people used to ask me, some genuinely curious and kind, if I worshipped Satan (I didn't--I kinda fell in love with Siouxsie Sioux, though). Even now, though I have decent social skills, I'd rather be alone or with my family.
Every time I notice your cycle being reran, I have to call my daughter so we can watch you together. Girl, you ROCK.
My little one really wants to show her art on this website, but I think she's a bit young for that now...from what I've seen.
Honestly, I think some aspects of ADD and Ausberger's can IMPROVE the artistic and creative processes, including modeling. You were great!