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Thank You by KmyGraphic for the fave on  Matsumoto's Castle. This castle was never conquered. However, the poor peasants who had to defend it were never given armor, just spears and swords. The officers had armor.   The castle is designed for war.  Being in the castle is like being in a battleship.  There are wooden staircases that are as steep as those on a military ship and you can easily fall.  We had to take off our shoes and the beautiful wooden floors were extra slippery as well as the stairs.  There were thin ports all over the castle about five centimeters wide so that archers could shoot arrows at their enemies, but it would be extremely difficult for the attackers to ever get an arrow through the same slit.  

Matsumoto Castle by AndySerrano Inside Matsuomoto's Castle by AndySerrano Front of Matsumoto's Castle by AndySerrano Aerial View Matsumotos Bridge by AndySerrano  Matsumoto's Bridge by AndySerrano

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