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Wow oh wow!Clap  Your art is what dreams are made of. It so magical that can't get over it.Sailor Moon: Moon Cosmic Power III  I feel like I am in art heaven when look at it.Sailor Moon: Moon Cosmic Power IV  It so amazing that you took time to make it all. I am beyond happy to see such wonderful works of art. You bring much happiness in making such as art that you do. I love sailor moonSailor Moon: Moon Cosmic Power I  and maybe in future I hope you do a princess serenity as well.Sailor Moon: Moon Cosmic Power II  I like art you did of Belldandy as well.;) (Wink)  This art will be treasure forever to see that can't hope you keep coming with more. I do hope my little comment makes you happy amazing master of art making. This gift that I always be honor in seeing that something I wish for you to know. I thank you for everything.Nod 
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Thank you so much for the kind words Pottersparky! :)
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