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Thats what I meant. Parallel inner senshi and 5 senshi that the animates tried to impersonate. Oh dear God I'm gonna need to buy another watercolor sketchbook. Almost all the pages are spoken for already. D:
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Correction; the AnimaMates weren't trying to impersonate the Senshi of their respective worlds, they were outright trying to Usurp them. 

You also said "Parallel inner senshi and 5 senshi that the animates tried to impersonate"; you keep forgetting Sailors' Lethe & Mnemosyne, who are real Sailor Senshi and not Usurpers. 

Watercolor sketchbook-wise, I always find that getting more then one sketchbook, whenever I get new ones for my nieces, is always a good idea. 

P.S.:  Were those links I sent you by GreenInkling of any help?: 
* concept Sailor Chuu (… )
* concept Sailor Mermaid (… )
* concept Sailor Coronis (… )
* concept Sailor Mau (… )
* concept Sailor Cocoon (… )

P.S.S.:  What are your thoughts about the idea for a Partners portrait (Luna, Artemis, Diana, Phobos & Deimos, & the cute little un-named pink kitty from the Parallel Sailor Moon short story) all together? 

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