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yes, inventing some interesting character that serves a great story is a great thing. but depicting real live mass murderers as cute little anime characters might be seen as a little offensive, especially to people from countries that were primarily affected. maybe it's your goal to provoke or it's all satire and it might not even be big deal in your country, but I think in Germany it might be just on the edge to being illegal.
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Yeah.. I know I might have offense others with my artworks. But you should know that history cannot be erased, no matter how bad, how cruel the situation. And from that, we shall learn. If there're Germans visits my gallery, they could just ignore my arts or hating it. I don't care... because a lot of people in this world are doing what they think is fun but not to others, example like me. But what they could do? like... I hate to look at yaoi/yuri content art while the artist likes to make it. I cannot sue them for making that kind of art or suddenly post a hate comment over there, it doesn't makes any sense. Plus, there are many yaoi/yuri fans out there who wants to see that art. So it same goes to my kind of art. I'm just interested in it. Sometimes I just think I should stop making this kind of thing because I realised people will hate it but at the same time there are a lot of people give me support to make the military arts especially those Nazis. Unless, if nobody wants to see the art from a particular artist, then, the artist shall give up.  
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