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alksdjlfkajskf You know, I look at the adoptables I missed out on and just... laksjlfajkl

Why didn't I see these cuties earlier? QAQ
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Omigosh, thank you so much for your kind, encouraging words ;//~//; It really means a lot to me when people like my designs ;;

I hope that I'll have the time and energy to keep making more ;u;

Thank you for making my evening so nice with your kind words of support ;A;

I hope that you have a nice day~ :heart:
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Oh, you're very welcome! 
I meant every word of what I said, too. ^^ 

I tend to dabble in a bit of fanfiction writing when I feel like it and I know how much it means to have someone say encouraging words, or say what they liked about your work. It can make such a HUGE difference. Thus, when I can, I try to offer some words that I feel when looking at one's work. 8)b 

Heh heh, i'm sure you'll have time and energy if you keep at it. Of course, do not stress yourself out too much over it. Once you do, it starts becoming less fun. I just hope that you'll continue to have fun making art and stay happy and healthy! 8D

I'm glad that my words were able to make your dayyyy~ :heart: 

Thanks! To you as well! Hope you have a wonderful morning/day/evening!