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I used to follow this comic series years ago, and then stopped going to Deviantart for many years. I just got back into it with a new account, and rediscovered this comic.

It was an absolute joy to see that this comic is still being continued! It seems like 99% of Deviantart comics get discontinued eventually without being wrapped up, never to be picked back up.

I was enamored by this world years ago, and I absolutely still am. It satisfies so many raw pleasures; an intriguing, gritty world with dark secrets, an adventure, developed, rich cultures, biological wonders, fantastically mutated creatures, and every character is beautiful and lovable in their own way; all drawn beautifully with impeccable detail. Its the kind of pleasure I got when I used to make little mutant dinosaurs out of clay when I was a kid and have them go on adventures all around my house.

I just reread the entire comic, and I'm really excited to continue enjoying Wurr as it progresses!
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