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Finally I wanted to make a comment/review about this xD

Well, even though it's been done for months now, it was a fun ride to see how Two-Faced was going to play out. For a first comic and a trial run at best, it's not bad. There are definitely some issues such as weak character development and awkward phrasing, but it gets a bit better over the course of the comic's development. The art style definitely improves, and it's so amazing to compare the very first page of the comic to the last, and see just how much it's grown. And even though it's dead, I think the experience helps overall as the criticism that I had mentioned before isn't really a problem for me while reading Fragile, and the art is more amazing in that! Overall I would say that, for me personally, reading Two-Faced from beginning to end was an enjoyable experience, and I want to congratulate you because that's such an amazing feat to not only get a webcomic over 300 pages, but to finish it at that!

I have to say Shade and Silo are my favorite characters in this. Shade is an amazing antagonist who isn't as bad as you would think - she does awful things, but does so in order to protect her clan. It's her actions that are evil, but she's not as evil as you would think. And Silo, even though he's a big pissbaby, I just love him, and I feel a small connection to him in some way. And the fact that you killed him off was startling, but definitely impressive cause I was not expecting that at all, and it was heart crushing!

I guess to finish this because I'm just rambling at this point, overall Two-Faced was fun, but I'm really excited to see how Fragile is going to play out as it's starting off on a much better note, is much better developed, and the characters are stronger this time around. And again, that's to applaud your growth as a webcomic artist from Two-Faced to Fragile ^^

I hope this has made annnnny kind of sense xD Like I said I always wanted to make a review on this comic, but I think I rambled more than reviewed haha
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