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Sorry not sorry for totally spamming you! But your art is just SO GOOD. I love your interpretation of Anakin and Padme, they are adorable. Your style is so simple, yet you capture emotion! I love it!
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I completely agree with you on the subject of Anakin being a very human character. He has always been my favorite in the Star Wars universe. He is the main character, he is, "the chosen one," he is supposed to bring peace to the galaxy and he royally fucks that idea up! And I think that is why I am so obsessed with Anakin's story, it is something so rarely seen. Normally, the good guy always wins, gets the girl and the villain is always defeated. The villain never gets a back story, you don't really care about him. Then there is Anakin. He is the good guy AND the villain! It is sad to know that Anakin was the root of all his problems. He betrayed the odder he swore to protect, he turned his back on all his friends, he killed the woman he promised to love, and he  untimely ruined his own life... And I think that is sad. :sad: 
I am constantly wanting an unhappy ending in stories because they are so rare and then Anakin comes along and all I want is a happy ending for him!
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