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And one more tiny little question.. (sorry if im bugging you with all these questions TT_TT)
But the tutu panty you used, is it a pancake tutu or a classical one?
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oh, no problem! I'm happy to answer as many question as you have ^^

I sewed the tulle to "dance briefs" (these ones in white: [link] ) which I call a tutu panty since some girls wear them under tutus :). I was going for a "powderpuff" look over "pancake" because I think it suits Tutu's basic style more. I explained what I did in a comment thread here: [link]
but basically I just took ruffled strips of tulle and sewed them onto the panty. I only used four layers of tulle, did not use wire to shape the tutu, and didn't sew the layers together, which is why it's puffy and not flat.

If you haven't had much sewing experience, you could also buy a practice tutu (this one's a very cheap option: [link] discount dance also sells a more expensive one with more layers) and modify it to be Princess Tutu.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions ^^
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