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the-least|Professional Digital Artist
I already have an ongoing webcomic [link] where I am both writer and artist, however I am looking to start on a second project and need an artist who would be willing to collaborate on a long-term basis. As an established webcomic writer and artist, this new project would have no trouble gaining exposure once it gets off the ground.

Payment: I'll say upfront that I'm not a rich man, and at the moment I can't afford to pay truly competitive rates as it would be mostly funded by the advertising revenue from my current project. However I hope that once the second comic goes online and starts earning some dough, I'll be able to pay the artist the difference in commercial rates - but I wouldn't count on that, I don't want to make promises which I may not be able to keep.

Style: This is a fantasy comic, but stylistically, I'm aiming for gritty realism. Therefore I want dirty, medieval streets, realistically proportioned characters who dress sensibly and wield plain, simple weapons, and no elves or dwarves. Dragons and magic will be central elements of the story, but the intention is to create a solid, realistic world for them to inhabit.

The story: Shipwrecked by the Leviathan, two strangers come to the quiet town of Urmast. One is seeking to learn the healing arts of magic, the other is a naturalist who wants to study the dragons of this land. But when the naturalist introduces the locals to strange, foreign weapons, the balance of power between man and dragon starts to shift dramatically. The dragons have always taught that magic is only for healing and helping, never for bloodshed or warfare, but what happens when the dragons themselves are under threat?

The Process: I would play a big role in the design process, providing maps, concept sketches and basic layouts. I have been building this world for a number of years now and have conducted extensive research. But the artist would be given a lot of freedom in terms of composition and detail, and I'm open to suggestions and changes.

Ideally, I'd like an artist who can pencil, ink and colour - but I'll colour the pages myself if it helps keep the cost down. The comic would initially be published on the web, but with the printed medium as the ultimate goal.

Please post here (or send me a note) with samples and rates, and whether your rates are negotiable.
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I am very interested in this job. Please see my gallery to see the different styles i'm working with, and note me if you like what you see or if you want me to make some more samples.

The payment issue is negotiable

I hope to hear from you soon

Abdrey Krichevsky
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qchiapetp|Hobbyist General Artist

I am an artist from deviantart interested in your comic project. I have experience in commissioned work and am able to do a variety of styles. Here is an example of my linerart: [link] For more examples of my work please click the link here: [link] My rate is $20 per page; with color it is $40, and it is negotiable. I look forward to working with you.

Jennifer Yu
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johnchalos|Professional General Artist
I'm interested in publishing a web comic of my own. You seem to know a lot about doing that. Any chance of us working together on some projects?

I also plan on pitching a (printed) comic book title to some publishers soon. The work in my gallery doesn't reflect my potential. Those are just tests I did while learning to color directly over pencils without ink. I should have some finished work up as soon as I find a better day job. Right now I am substitute teaching, doing graphic art (on a contract basis) for a small web design company and turning in applications all over town. I can't leave town because of my mom. Promised my Dad I'd be there for her.

Anyway, I can't work with you longterm because of my own ambitions. Justbeing honest. I could do some stuff for you though. Check out my gallery in a few weeks for finished work and pages.

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Yes! Im very interested! & I would be very much like to discuss with you how my enthusiasm and qualification could contribute to the success of your company asap. Your suggestions will be appreciated, thank you for your time and attention.
Sincerely yours,

Endro Yuwono SSn.
Over 25 years Experienced!, Well trained and Skill on CG Art, Airbrush, watercolor, Acrylic, Oil painting, Pastel, Sculpture, Photography and Photo retouching, also Designing for Interior, Product and Graphic with many computer software.
E-Mail: for YM Chat (cam24 H)
HP/sms me: +62 85668212226

For My Portfolio Please Click CG Talk , Deviant Art& Coroflot URL Below :

CG Talk:


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(try)Some photo bucket & Image Shack's URL:






*For My Portfolio Please Click Coroflot URL Below :

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Nice I do book covers and pin-ups ( Character pin-ups.)
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im interested-pls see my gallery. note me for my rate.
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Hello I am interested in your upcoming project. Bellow you will find a list of various projects I have worked on in the past as well as a resume: I have worked for independent comic companies as well as colored for Image comics, worked on pogs, trading cards, video game story boards, Ipod covers and some small press publications. I am currently working on game of throne trading cards. I am completely capable of outputting sequenced panel by panel art of high quality on a monthly deadline as well as proficient in concept work and character design. Please email me directly and I can send you samples in different styles if needed.
Mike Kadin
949-394 0261
Also you can view my work at [link]

• Certification in 3D Studio Max Animation

Present: Lead artist on Elysium- Pencils and inks
2006-present: Random faces: Ipod cover art and illustrations.

2001 Art Instructor Irvine Fine Arts Center — provided instruction to teenage students on art
concepts such as storyboard layouts, design elements and composition techniques applicable
to film, television, and the media

1996-2000 Lead Artist on Spacegal Comics-- Thorby Comics — Artwork such as pencils, inks,
storyboards, coloring and layouts.

1992-1996 Lead Artist on Spacegal Comics—Crisis Point Comics—;pencils, inks, storyboards, coloring,
distribution and layouts.

Freelance works
• Expression shirts- Logo and layout design
• Z-comic Caps: Concept and character design
• Image Comics: Color guides and design on Young Blood, Splitting Image, and Supreme.
• Virgin Games: Storyboards on Escape from LA
• Milk Caps: Concept and character design work
• Herbus Comic: Inks and pencil work
• Creates and illustrates children’s literature
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