the simple fact is that no one NEEDS to take drugs like shrooms, acid, or DMT, or anything else you can think of. it is a choice you make, and it is not a shortcut to or from anything. as modern human beings, living in the overly developed, desensitized, superficial society that we live in, we are actually detached from reality thanks to such a large majority of what we come in contact with every day being unnatural material, whether we're talking about tangible technology or the psychological effects the said technology has on us. my friend just told me today about his personal experience with shrooms, and made me understand it much more clearly. he said that while he was tripping, things that should not bother us but do for some irrational reason, did not even enter his mind as negative things. for example, he was at a nature preserve, and there were mosquitoes and other bugs all over the place and all over him and his friend, and instead of being annoyed or disgusted by them as we normally are, he was absolutely fine with it. he felt completely at one with them, as we should be, if you think about it- we are, after all, made of the same natural matter. humans have this sense that we are somehow above nature, or more advanced than nature, cleaner than nature, in some way not 100% natural. I'm not explaining it nearly as well as he did, but if you really think about it, that is an incredibly desirable thing to be able to see so clearly and feel and experience. the real connection that made me see the significance of what he was saying was, if you think about it, when we were less intellectually developed (say somewhere in between caveman and modern humans) we were definitely in that same state of mind which my friend got to experience. the way we are now is NOT completely naturally, and is only getting further and further removed as time goes on from what our natural perception of the world and ourselves should be, would be, and has been. so, think of a drug such as shrooms as a way to break through our flawed, overcomplicated, detached modern lives and get in touch with what actually matters to the rest of the universe. not as something that we use to detach ourselves from reality, because it is quite the opposite.