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Try to think of the mushroom experience like the Matrix; no one can tell you about it, you have to go through it yourself.


This is a link to all you need to know about Terrence Mckenna and mushrooms.

I encourage the curious to approach the experience with a serious mind, rather than as a party favor (at least initially.)

Fast at least 4-6 hours beforehand. If you chew up those foul-tasting shrooms with pure grape juice, it is much less awful.

You should start to :yawn: in about 45-55 minutes, which will herald the oncoming of the experience.:floating:

As with any psychedelic, be in a safe, comfortable place :stereo: with at least one very close friend :teddy: when you don't have any appointments for the next 18 hours. The length of the experience itself will vary, but you want a nice long cool down period afterwards with no responsibilities. Have some wholesome food available afterwards, as you won't want to eat during the trip (count on at 3-4 hours at least) and you will be hungry later.

DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING ELSE with the shrooms, especially ALCOHOL.:skullbones:

As you decompress and come down toward the end, a little :weed: can be relaxing and even extend the experience somewhat.

Set up your trip space. If you are an artist, have your pencils and pad ready. Everyone should at least try to write a few things down during the trip. A trip guide friend can help to remind you.

Compared to LSD, which is often described as having and "electric" quality, I have often heard the shroom trip described as "creamy." It is certainly a much gentler trip.

The only instance I ever heard of a person having a "bad trip" on shrooms was a girl who was asthmatic, and had an attack without her inhaler available.

Shrooms are a chemical key to unlocking something inside you. Don't blame the key for the contents. If you don't like what you see when you look within yourself, you will not like mushrooms and you will HATE LSD.:analprobestare:

As to the validity of the experience, it is without a doubt mystical, though invoked through the chemical in the mushroom. It opens a door that would take most people years or even a lifetime of a spiritual discipline :pray:such as meditation. For those who are not ready for it, the experience can be terrible.:sunnysideup: Such a thing is akin to tearing a butterfly from the chrysalis before it's time. But for those who are ready to go to the next level, the experience is life transforming.:love: :heart: :butterflytwo:

In preparation for a shroom trip, I would workout and run, do 45 minutes of Hatha Yoga to relax my body, and then at least an hour of zen meditation.:meditate: I have also take shroom and spent time in an isolation (flotation) tank. But that's another story…:meditation:
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So, basically... it's a mystical experience, but only for those who are predisposed into that line of thought?
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I have four hits of acid hidden away, what do you reccomend I do with em oh zen master :)