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Hi Everyone,
I have been struggling with trying to scan in my watercolors, I've tried all different resolutions and programs but they come washed out. I'm new at scanning art so if anyone has some suggestions, that would be awesome Thanks
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I take mine to a print shop and bite the bullet for $20. The color ends up looking brilliant, sometimes better than the original looks almost.
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Hey Thanks Everyone for the responses, I will definitely try these things. Peace and Happy Creating


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I find that sometimes the scanner needs a little help, so you can put a weight on top of it (not too heavy, you can even push it down with your hand). But that might just be my scanner.
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I've found making sure you have a few sheets of very white paper behing it can help stop the colours from looking so washed out. Ordinary printer paper works well.
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you ever tried shooting it with a digital camera and just transferring it onto your comp?
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this is how i 'scan' all my traditional art. with things like watercolors, it works just fine. only gets iffy when it comes to heavy pencil/ink/paint drawings that reflect the flash a lot, but even then, there are ways to get around it.

with my camera (8mp) i take a good sized picture, open it in photoshop, adjust the lense distortion and rotate it, and everything works out fine ;)
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The program and resolution have nothing to do with a picture looking washed out. Higher resolution just means the picture will be physically bigger to look at (and a bigger file size).
You will need to alter the picture after it has been scanned to make it look "normal".
You will need to change the levels of shadows or colours in the picture, and that is where your image manipulating program comes in.
The best tool at your disposal, imo, is the curves tool. Use of that can be read about here: [link]
You also might want to try "auto level" and "auto contrast"
Try searching DeviantArt's tutorials: [link]