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Do people really worship it or is it just something they pretend to do for tourism? Does anyone out there believe in the creature or trust the conclusion that it really just was a barn owl trolling some teenagers? XD

Also is there a religion that worships "aliens" or extraterrestrials? I'd like to read about it. I'm such a bookworm teehee ^^;
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Some people believe in monsters even though they don't exist, so I don't see why not. Rin-says-What

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Look up the "Church of Godzilla". 
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Godzilla? Japan's mascot? XD

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for the masses en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flatwood… I remember the history channel concept it was interesting.  to this day it's debatable to be real or not, but theorists are what they are.  in my opinion, it's possible that it was an alien visit of some sort, we have all sorts of them on earth.  the governments love to cover them up, after all we enjoy the replicated tech they steal from them and sell to us too much. Ancient Aliens! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_… a long running show that has a lot of individuals that see aliens as real.

granted in the bible they mention alien visitors and describe their tech in a way only they could comprehend, Shinto also have shrines dedicated to alien situations, be cautious of the dangerous cult known as Scientology, they'll lure a person in with hopes of science and alien...
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Oh wow that's pretty interesting. I do like reading about stuff like this. Thanks!

Don't worry, I tend to stay away from groups in general. I usually tell people I'm an introvert haha.
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>> Also is there a religion that worships "aliens" or extraterrestrials? <<

There is/was "Heaven's Gate" The website is still up. 
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Will definitely check that out thanks!