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Some people gush about iPads. I don't know anyone who likes their Surface Pro as a primary drawing surface. The people I know who splurged on Cintiqs love them. I have never tried a standalone but I'd be very wary of off-brand stand-alone options. I would be more inclined to get a small XP-Pen and a laptop I don't hate (which is what I'm thinking of for travel), and at home I use a Cintiq 24 HD. Beefy. It's probably 50+ pounds and will not travel unless you give it a seat of its own, lol. If budget is your goal, an off-brand screen tablet plus cheap laptop will probably be more accessible to you than an iPad Pro, which is from what I hear, one of the most 'lifelike' options for a tablet. I hear the Surface Pro lags... I dunno, they do come as high as 16gb RAM now but at that price you can get an iPad. The only one I think I'd really like is the Wacom Mobilestation, dream tablet there, but they like 4000. x_o