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I do not want to say idiot but your being one right now.

Everything in traditional you or I should be able to master in digital.
While their are benefits their are also limitations.

Let me tell you the biggest problem. The biggest problem is fleshing out stuff in digital when you or I could do it painstakingly why more faster with a simple 2HB pencil but that being said after getting usted to working with a digital art-board ( etc ) you should be then be able to transfer the same set of knowledge you took from traditional.

A tool is a tool. In college I was working back and forth between traditional and digital work. Utilizing the scanner, to using all-purpose-paper for printing and then scanning again.

Another example is lets say in flash or using vector images, while the vector images could have an infinity number of size on display using a 200mhz machine utilizing Bitmap ( not vector imagery ) as the surface ( term used in 3d ) of a vector image can make it look and appear more graphical ( complete ) rather then using the vector tools which is limited and could be painstaking. I have not seen any examples of vector artwork mimicking the bitmap by far but only with contour ( outline ) artwork. Usually some graphic bitmap ( could be a painting, or whatever scanned in crayons, etc is used ).

You should not limit yourself at all.


Now working with a Display tablet again all the rules apply. They have pen tablets with pens and brushes that mimic airbrush, to actual paint brushes and pencils floating around ( sad part the tools do not pass over to the next tablet generation ) making Wacom having a monopoly over this technology.

You have Graphics used for

Special effects
News broadcasting

Literally stuff that has nothing to do with art and more or less to make the intro of feature presentation more tasteful.

You have tons of people with the giant tablets setup like a painting board. I in fact found it more enjoyable like this ( and will have to invest in a rotating ergnomic arm one day )... I even have a picture to prove what I am talking about.…

Where I get this idea from? Did I see it in a video? Was I told by an instructor?
Was it word of mouth? Nope. I literally was shopping for a display tablet and ran into a college head who was trying to sell their tablet ( It cost $2000+ at the time ) and was in my price range. Since we learn from other people I decided to look up the person.....I saw he was part of an college ( propitiatory college ) that was teaching related areas of studies that used the tablet. I see dozens of photos of the classrooms with the display being setup ( upright ) no different then a painting 1 or 2 class.

Point is wherever you go in terms of art you will need those as foundation to everything else.

Just jumping into digital art and pretending nothing else matters will limit you.
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o___O; ???? I think you're misjudging me quite a bit. I'm not a digital artist because I dislike traditional art. I'm a digital artist because I'm legally blind. It's less strenuous for me.

My issues with art are not with technique, but with learning things like anatomy and perspective. I've looked at countless books and tutorials, but for some reason when I try to implement it into my own work I am unable to. Those things for whatever reason are extremely hard for me. They don't click like coloring or detailing. It's like there is a missing piece and I can't find it. So I feel like I'm trying to jam something else in that empty space.

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Seriously if your  "legally blind" then why don't you go to the doctor to nu-legally blind you.

It is called lens. You have types that are for really bad eye problems. You also have various surgeries from

protien hardening
and even intacts
of course transplants of a persons cornia.

Tons of options.

You even have old school lens made new. What was glass is now plastic.

Yoiu have big obvious eye glasses as well.

Again you have options.


Digital is not going to make you a better anything. Beliueving if you master something is not going to change how you think. If you keep thinking.

This is hard and that is whatever your not going to get anywhere in life at all
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I'm legally blind because of the simple fact that doctors are unable to fix my eyes. Glasses are useless to me. My eyes are not fully formed inside. This can't be fixed with lasers. I've had eye doctors look at my information and be surprised that I can see at all.

I can't say that I understood the last few sentences you wrote. Perhaps be a bit more clear on your point? Since I've never said anything about thinking digital art will make me a better artist. o__O; I do digital art because I get eye strain otherwise. It's also cheaper for me to not have to buy paper.

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I don't know your medical but if you can read these words I think you also paint and do other works as well.

That being said you should really explain your condition because honestly even eye transplants are a think if possible intacts. Their has to be way.

What is your condition?
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Soreiya Digital Artist

I read with Windows Magnifier. I also zoom in when working digitally.

My eyes are not fully formed inside. This has caused me to be really nearsighted. I don't know the medical term. One eye sees worse than the other so I only read with my left eye. My pupils are also at the bottom of the iris. So they look kinda weird... Could maybe be why I'm really light sensitive. Not sure though... The only other thing is a bit of nystagmus. It's more of an annoyance when I have nothing to focus on since my eyes end up moving a bit involuntarily.

Full eye transplants are not possible. Doctors can do parts of eyes, but this isn't an option for me. Like doctors won't even do something as normal as cataract surgery on someone like me because the risk of causing more damage is too great.