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Most Animals doesn't like hugs, quite the opposite, it is really not natural for them.
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dimsun123Hobbyist Digital Artist
As someone who's had a lot of cats I know this is completely bullshit, a good number of my cats enjoyed hugs (mostly the males for some reason) and almost all of them purred when held in someones arms.
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Well it's all about knowing your pet and being in tune with them and knowing if something doesn't feel right for them.

Plus I'm not talking about smashing them, when you hug a pet it's different... It's more like you just bring it closer to you and surround it with your arms, and some do like it, it makes them feel safe and loved.

Pets can have very different personalities just like humans so nothing is a general rule, like I pretty much never hug my black cat cause I know he doesn't like that. 
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It's not abuse tho. Kicking or hitting is.